Our Treatment

Our Treatment

The PARC’s Goal is to Help Our Residents Achieve Long Lasting Recovery.

To achieve this, we operate a Mind, Body & Spirit attitude towards the holistic recovery process, utilizing various therapeutic techniques such as CBT and ACT to accompany the proven 12 Step Program, mixed with various healing and wellness techniques. We deliver a program that’s been proven to be highly effective in treating addictive disease and related behavioural problems.

Our Approach

The first step towards overcoming any problem is admitting that you have one. The second step is to understand that there is a solution and that the solution, having already been successful for many other people, will also be successful for you. Once you’ve acknowledged this, then choosing and seeking the right kind of help, particularly from people with knowledge and experience in treating addiction can be the tricky part. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. We know this because we, ourselves, have personally recovered already.

Every Morning

Every morning we have Mindfulness groups in the form of yoga and meditation, giving you control over your emotions and grounding you in the present, rather than feeling guilt from the past or fear of the future (for example).

Throughout the daytime, you’ll be engaging in therapeutic dialogue and personal development work. Because of the nature of The PARC, you’ll be in a very small and dedicated group, designed to open you up to explore your past and even more importantly, support you to create a future life beyond your wildest dreams – addiction free.

The 12 Step Program has been working for people struggling with addictions since the 1930s. We believe in the Power of its simplicity.

The PARC Uses a Blend of 3 Recognised and Proven Approaches.

Therapeutic Community Approach views addiction as a symptomatic manifestation of a problem rooted in an interplay of emotional, social, physical and spiritual values. The PARC uses a highly structured program wherein the community is often utilized as a valuable resource vehicle to foster behavioural and attitudinal change. The client receives the information and the impetus to change from being a part of the community. Role modelling and encouragement play significant parts in the program. The goal of our therapeutic community is to change the clients’ self-destructive thinking and behavioural pattern, teach them personal responsibility, positivize their self-image, create a sense of human community and provide an environment in which human beings can grow and take responsibility and credit for the growth.

Minnesota Model views addiction as a disease, an involuntary condition caused by factors largely outside a person’s control. The program consists of cognitive-behavioural psychology, Alcoholic Anonymous principles / Twelve Steps Principles and emotional-therapy. It aims to treat patients with chemical dependency, endorsing a set of values and beliefs about the powerlessness of people over drug taking and turning to a Higher Awareness, faith, to help them combat the disease. In this modality, counsellors and patients collaborate in defining the path to recovery.

Eclectic Approach aims at applying a holistic approach in the rehabilitation program. The spiritual and cognitive components of the Twelve Steps complement the behavioural aspects of the Therapeutic Community. The skills and services of rehabilitation professionals and others in recovery are made available. In doing so, different personality aspects of drug dependants are well addressed geared towards their rehabilitation and recovery.

Our Residents

Many of our residents have been neglecting their bodies whilst in the grips of their addiction / dependency. We strongly believe in the healing aspects of having a healthy body and we supplement this by paying close attention to the food and nutrition consumed during our 3 daily meals, with our own in-house Chef and her team. The ability of the body to repair itself is miraculous to view, and diet plays one of the most important aspects to this recovery. So we choose our menu carefully to be equally delicious as well as nutritious.

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