The Phuket Addiction Recovery clinic “PARC” is a vision from it’s two Founders to create a truly transformative client focused facility, that’s driven by ethical values of genuinely wanting it’s residents to have a wonderful recovery experience, rather than a commercial business structure simply interested in $$$.
Because of the pedigree of its Founders and their own personal profiles of contribution towards the 12 Step Fellowships with their own personal experiences of lasting recovery coming largely from their desire to work with new people seeking recovery, creating PARC has been a labour of love, developed with integrity, passion and care.

“We want to generate lasting recovery for our residents in an industry that seems to focus on many other outside issues, but can often miss the fundamentals of what it takes to simply stop and stay stopped. We want to create a facility that you only visit once, and not create a revolving door attitude of repeat customers. We believe its in our own interests to manifest success stories from our previous residents, as our best source of tomorrows clients will come from the happy customers of today.”

Recovery is possible and so is lasting recovery.
Let us show you how.

The PARC is a 12 Step (non-Religious) residential treatment centre for people struggling with addictions.

We use the 12 Step Program of Recovery because it has already been proven to work.

Our minimum stay is 28 days, though most of our Residents extend for 2 months. Some people commit to our full 12 week program, which we believe is the optimal amount of time to spend in rehab, if you have the luxury of spending that much time and money on yourself. 

We’ve kept the costs down to a minimum, without compromising on our great standards of care and comfort, in our efforts to serve as many families as possible. We hope that we’re able to work with you and your budget. Please speak to us to discuss your situation and we’ll do our best to accommodate your specific requirements.

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We believe in setting new standards of success within the Residential Rehabilitation industry around the world. Phuket in Thailand gives us a massive head start on this because of its relative affordability and the desirability of Phuket as a residential location, thus attracting world class Therapists and Practitioners to PARC.

So we believe we’ve created something truly unique and magical.
Located close to the most gorgeous beaches in the world, with very favourable weather (It very rarely drops below 25*C / 77*F or goes above 33*C / 91.4*F ), crossed with the Thai diet which absolutely serves for healthy and nutritious, non processed fresh and tasty dining, combined with our dynamic attitude towards just what’s possible in terms of therapeutically led treatment programs, leading into lasting recovery, that all of our residents will leave here having had an experience they’ll hold fondly for the rest of their happy lives.