Discover lasting recovery in the paradise of Phuket

In the beautiful tropical island of Phuket, Southern Thailand, with magnificent sunrises / sunsets and world class beaches, we present The PARC.

Accommodated in our spacious modern Thai style facility, surrounded by deep green rainforests with landscaped gardens, The PARC affords you the peace and tranquility to truly focus on your challenges with the hands on support of our highly experienced and trained staff, 24/7.

The PARC is a safe and comfortable space with residents from around the world, particularly USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Singapore, Hong Kong and throughout Thailand.

The PARC provides a secure place to discover and appreciate recovery from your challenges, whether this is your first experience of rehab, or maybe you’ve experienced one before. We believe we have a more hands on approach to long-term successful rehabilitation treatment due to our mixture of therapeutic input, robust 12 step program in a Minnesota Model, alongside our recovery coaching and a mind, body, spirit attitude towards genuine holistic recovery.

We assure you that you will have extremely fond memories of your time with us at The PARC. We believe that the diverse experience, mixed with the strong coaching, therapeutic and behavioural engagement will serve you even longer than traditional rehabs around the world, particularly due to our interactive and immersive program schedule.

Whereas addiction recovery is our primary focus, helping people create better lives for themselves is what truly inspires us. Your time spent with us will create lifelong friendships, which will continue throughout your journey of recovery for many years to come.

Our Facility is sparely spread out, offering plenty of space to escape and reflect, with large comfortable lounge areas and gardens. It’s spacious and has a great energetic feel to it, offering our residents a clean elegance surrounded by nature.

The PARC is offering all it’s residents who desire a new opportunity in life, a very real chance to press the reset button and relaunch themselves.

We welcome all who seek to change.

The PARC is a 12 Step (non-Religious) residential treatment centre for people struggling with addictions.

We use the 12 Step Program of Recovery because it has already been proven to work.

Our minimum stay is 28 days, though most of our Residents extend for 2 months. Some people commit to our full 12 week program, which we believe is the optimal amount of time to spend in rehab, if you have the luxury of spending that much time and money on yourself. 

We’ve kept the costs down to a minimum, without compromising on our great standards of care and comfort, in our efforts to serve as many families as possible. We hope that we’re able to work with you and your budget. Please speak to us to discuss your situation and we’ll do our best to accommodate your specific requirements.

+66 626 418 369
+44 7799 143 431

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Our Admissions Team is available on the end of the phone (Direct Calls or via FaceTime) on +66 626 418 369 or via WhatsApp (messages and calls) on +44 7799 143 431. Alternatively, email us and we’ll call you back, we promise!
We absolutely understand the importance of discretion and anonymity, so please be reassured that we won’t break this trust you’re putting in us. We take this very seriously. So please do contact us in confidence right away.


We often receive enquiries from family members on behalf of their loved one asking us if we can help even their addicted loved one, even though they don’t necessarily want help. Yes we can! We absolutely can. We have a great deal of experience of working with the loving family members to bring about willingness and motivation to accept the help that’s on offer and consider treatment as the best course of action. We call this an Intervention, and we can help you wherever you are in the world.


The Physical Detoxification is usually the very first matter at hand for our residents once they arrive, and rightly so. Please note we take this very seriously, and we have the best medical resources available to us to allow our residents for a safe detox, with extra attention given to make it as comfortable as possible. We have the ability to bring in all medical staff to engage with our residents at whatever severity of withdrawal that they require, as necessary. Whatever is needed, we can provide.

Our Program

The PARC program is intense. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. We deliver a balanced mixture of both 1-2-1 and Group sessions, engaging with you to keep you active and motived throughout your stay with us. We go on regular excursions and also take Sunday’s for a downtime day (Talking to family, Pool, TV, Reading, etc), but otherwise we have a very full treatment program that holds you from the morning to the evening in activities aimed at helping you find lasting recovery.

The team at The PARC come from a wide variety of cultures, backgrounds and training, delivering to you a fully holistic treatment program, grounded in evidence that works. We offer the opportunity for you to discover long lasting recovery based specifically upon the modalities that we teach. We say this because we practice what we preach – all of our key personal, including the Founders and Directors of The PARC are in personal long term recovery themselves, and almost all of our staff will have at least a decade of solid recovery, and an understanding of how lasting recovery is achieved. If you do what we’ve done, you’ll get what we’ve got.