Why Thailand is such a fantastic choice
for Residential Rehab

Whenever anyone is deciding upon which Residential Rehab to attend, the first point is that its always preferable for you to leave the familiar environments and situations of your active addiction. This usually means removing yourself from your home, your village / town / city, and having a complete change of scenery. If you live in a city then it’s good to attend somewhere away from the bustle of city life. If you live somewhere quiet and secluded then its good to go somewhere with more activity around it. Go somewhere new and unfamiliar, but safe. There’s more to this topic than simply changing location. For many years now the idea of going somewhere appealing has come up and Rehab tourism has emerged. In the USA originally it was heading to Florida, California, The Caribbean, etc, and for Europe, Spain and Portugal became popular. Then we saw the emergence of the South African Rehab industry, who were offering low cost (due to the exchange rate) rehab in sunny climates with Safari expeditions as one of the features to attract interested Europeans. But South Africa still has its political instability and the continued segregation between the black and white populations, as well as the huge gaps between the wealthy and the poverty stricken, which can be hugely unpleasant for all visitors to see and witness. Then, over the past 5+ years or so, Thailand has become a great option for residential Rehab for a great many reasons, some of which are explained on this page.

Although Thailand can be considered distant for many of our English speaking enquires who maybe aren’t so familiar with long haul flights (USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Israel, Middle East, etc), Bangkok is truly one of the world’s greatest and most efficient international airport hubs and Phuket International Airport does hold her own as Thailand’s second largest airport. We want your flight to be as straightforward and hassle-free as possible so we can help you arrange the best flights using the best routes.

Treatment away from home also allows you to maintain your privacy and confidentiality, which we know is a high priority for many of our residents. Being in a place so safe, comfortable and rewarding as Phuket, goes a very long way towards making Recovery really attractive. Furthermore, when attending treatment in Phuket, its very easy to explain to your friends and colleagues back home that you’re away on holiday.

The Healing Nature of Thailand

Ask anyone who has traveled here, Thailand is unlike any other place in the world. Whilst at The PARC you will have access to much of what Thailand really has to offer: world-class beaches, lush rainforests and mountains.

The tranquility that is accessed via the landscape and scenery is further complemented by the enveloping of Thai Buddhist culture, which can be felt from the moment you step off of the plane and breathe in the sweet air of the ‘Land of Smiles.’ We offer our residents the opportunity to learn experience mindfulness and meditation and encourage a visit to a local temple as well as visiting significant cultural sites, such as the Big Buddha.

Going for Rehab in Thailand, especially Phuket, permits you to access great help and care in a sunny and exotic location. This is known to create many positive psychological benefits.

World-renowned Hospitality

Thailand is world-renowned for the hospitality of local people and at The PARC you will be extremely well taken care of by our House Keeping team, as well as all of our other Thai staff. Every single one of our Thai staff will make you feel welcome and you’ll organically begin adopting some of the Thai customs, aimed at making one another feel extra special (very good for self worth and self esteem).

Please don’t worry about speaking the Thai language. All of our key staff members are English-speaking and that includes our Thai staff. Furthermore, the majority of the locals in Phuket also speak enough English that you’ll never really struggle. If you are interested in learning some of the local language however, you might have the opportunity to pick up a few Thai words to take back home with you!

Idyllic Island life location

The PARC is located on a steep hill overlooking the Kathu Lakes and surrounding villages, and not far from the Kathu Waterfall. The view is staggering and you will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy Phuket Island with weekly excursions including beach trips. Phuket is known as the health and wellness capital of the world and for good reason. You will absolutely get to experience why Phuket has attained such a reputation.

The gorgeous weather

Thailand is hot, humid, and Phuket is exceptionally fortunately placed near the equator to have just two seasons  – sunny & hot, and sunny & hot with some rain. Phuket weather is considered stable and predictable all year around. The temperatures rarely go under 23*c / 74*f (at night) and almost never go above 34*c / 93*f (during the day) and even during the rainy season it’s still very easy to find plenty of blue skies and have time in the sun to work on your tan, as it may rain 2 or 3 times a day (or it may rain less), and it may be heavy, but it is unlikely to rain for more than 30 minutes and it’s usually at night, so the daytime is still perfect weather, all year around.

And the Savings…

Perhaps one of the most convincing reasons to come to treatment with us at The PARC is the comparable savings you’ll achieve. Addiction treatment in Thailand is low-cost / high-quality giving you the ‘best of both worlds.’ It is estimated that in the USA you would pay up to 5 times as much for a similar service in Florida or California. In Spain with its sunshine and warm climate, and in the UK, with its dreadful weather, you’d be paying  3 times as much just for a similar therapeutic service, and that’s before the add ons that The PARC and Phuket in particular is able to offers. With us, you will pay a fraction what you would pay in Western countries for a program that is not only comparable, but if you take our 30, 60 days or 12 week program, it may prove to be the only Rehab you ever need to visit.

When we searched for the best location to launch The PARC we were looking for a facility the perfect size to host just enough residents to have a great community feel, but without being so large that you get lost in the crowd, which is why we feel The PARC is such a perfect size for our model of treatment. Furthermore, the rent is at an affordable price that isn’t sustainable in most parts of the more expensive English speaking world.

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