When the global COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, The PARC went into lockdown too.
We took extensive efforts to keep all our residents and staff completely safe, and as a result of our constant liaising with local authorities in Phuket and the Kingdom of Thailand we have remained open and maintained sufficient occupancy levels, so that we have thrived and absolutely improved our client services during this challenging time.

Thailand formally closed its borders in March and went into her own extremely strict lockdown. The results of Thailand’s early and thorough intervention have led to just 60 fatalities, only 4246 cases of COVID in total (updated 15th Dec 2020), and no domestic born infections in several months. Within the borders of Thailand, we’ve been largely free to go about our business since July, though mandatory mask wearing, and effective track and trace systems remain in place.

The PARC has experienced a significant rise in enquiries throughout this period, particularly from people struggling with alcohol dependencies, though unfortunately in most cases we had been unable to assist people wishing to come into Thailand due to the border restrictions. However, we have now turned a corner at The PARC.
Due to our consistent communication with local and national authorities we are now able to assist in securing Visa’s for our international clients to come into Phuket for up to 12 weeks at The PARC. To say we are pleased by this positive progress is an understatement. It’s great news for us and all those families who’ve reached out for help recently.

Because of this 12 week Visa ability, most residents come to us for the maximum amount of time their visa permits – 2 weeks quarantine and 10 week’s treatment. There is an additional administration charge for the Visa, and 2 weeks of quarantine in a specially regulated and medically supervised Hotel needs to be completed, but this still comes in at a total price that is highly competitive around the world, particularly compared to USA, Canada, UK, Scandinavia and Western Europe, even after factoring in flights.
We believe you will be unable to source comparable quality treatment at this cost anywhere else in the world. This is one of our company values. 

How does payment work?

Our prices for Treatment are always in USD$ :

Deluxe Twin room: en-suite, private balcony with refreshing views of the lush Forest hillside, Smart TV (Netflix, You Tube, etc):
$10,000 for 28 days Minimum Stay
$18,000 for 2 Months Most Popular and recommended
$25,000 for the 12 week Full and Complete Signature Program

King Size room: en-suite, private balcony with fabulous views of the lush Kathu valley and the lush rainforest hillside, WiFi, Smart TV (Netflix, You Tube, etc):
$16,000 for 28 days Minimum Stay
$28,000 for 2 Months Most Popular and recommended
$38,000 for the 12 week Full and Complete Signature Program

Please note, that due to Thai Tax Law, we must add an additional 7% to the price. We apologise for this in advance, however it is law in Thailand. 

These prices are all inclusive of the full board and lodging, housekeeping, laundry, etc and external excursions, aside from personal items, snacks, cigarettes, etc.

*** At this time of global COVID Pandemic, Thailand has been extremely successful in combatting the spread of the virus within its borders, however they have implemented various strategies to achieve this, including 14 day quarantine and more robust Visa processes. Therefore please consider an additional $1500 – $3000 (depending upon your preferred level of luxury) for 2 weeks quarantine in Bangkok and $1000 for the creation of a Visa into the Kingdom of Thailand, adding $2,500 – $4000 to the total costs. These charges are unavoidable at this time.
However, if someone is to commit for the full 12 weeks program (the maximum that the Visa currently permits) we will include the full costs of visa creation and 2 weeks quarantine in the 12 week price, meaning that you’ll receive 2 weeks of quarantine, followed by 10 weeks of treatment for US$ 25,000 in a twin room or totalling $38,000  for single occupancy.

These are US$ prices, so the figure will come down when translated into GB£.

Because of the costly (time and money) expense of the Visa application, we ask for 25% of total costs to be paid prior to our commencement in this process. This acts as a non-refundable deposit. We have been successful in all of our Visa applications so far.
Our terms then include Payment in full (minimum 28 days) as standard, prior to your departure transport to Thailand.

Should you wish to reserve a bed for a future date (typically over one month is advance), then a 40% non-refundable deposit of the first 28 days is required to guarantee your reservation.

We are able to send you an invoice for Bank Transfer of funds as soon as you’re ready to commit. A bed date can be reserved once we’ve received proof of the “payment advice notice” via email.

All fees are net so any additional bank or processing charges for payment transactions are to be paid by the client.
7% VAT Thai Government tax will be added to your fees and a 3% credit card charge is applicable for any fees paid through our on-site credit card machine or other processed payment Thailand.