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This section provides answer to the most common questions around addiction.

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Do I need to go to rehab? +

If the substances you consume, or your behaviour or attitude, is getting you into trouble or having a negative impact on your life, then coming to The PARC is an important option for you to consider. Not only will we provide you with the tools that you need to remain in recovery, but we will give you the ability to reinvent your life and begin down new paths. Some people would describe the The PARC experience as one of being reborn. Life will transform for you in a way that makes a difference for you in many years to come. Restore your health and Revive your life.

How long does rehab take? +

The evidence shows that the more time you spend in rehab (or similar supportive environments), the better your chances of a positive outcome.


There is further compelling evidence that spending 12 weeks in residential rehab gives you the time to learn the habits and behaviours you need to sustain your recovery. At The PARC we fully endorse our 12 week program, and for clients who do not have the luxury of time or resources for 12 weeks away from their homes, families or work, then we have a minimum of 28 days in residence. You can always choose to extend should you be having as rich and rewarding an experience with us as we expect you to be having. Typically, most residents stay with us for 2 months.


Though our 4-week programme provides an experience of recovery along with some great tools for recovery, the results frequently fall short of long lasting recovery. Returning home earlier exposes clients to the people and places that retrigger their addictive behaviours, undoing the hard-won gains of residential recovery. Therefore, we encourage you to consider staying as long as possible. That said, we also know when it’s time for someone to go and we will be encouraging you to move off away once you’re ready.

What dependencies does The PARC treat? +

We treat Addictive Disease in all its formats – all substance dependencies, including alcohol, cocaine, crack, crystal meth (AKA Ice), ketamine, heroin, methadone, Subutex, morphine, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, psychedelics, ecstasy, solvents and legal (prescribed) medication addictions. But also process addictions such as gambling, gaming, over eating, sex, love, shopping, etc.

Does rehab cure addiction? +

Rehab does not cure addiction, and any Rehab claiming to do so is providing information that is misleading. Living free from addiction is referred to as being in recovery. What Rehab makes available to people is the ability to live life in recovery and never having to return to active addiction.

Can I come with my family? +

Yes, it is not unusual for family members to travel with their loved one to Phuket International Airport. We will pick you up and source somewhere for you to stay and then encourage you to depart as soon as possible. During the first few weeks of residential treatment we discourage visitation for at least 4 weeks. We do, however, ensure that any family member that travels to Phuket has the opportunity to speak to a family therapist (either on a once-off or recurring basis, as suits the needs of the family member). Such sessions support the family member in living with and enabling recovery. Also, outcomes are substantially improved when family members are engaged in their loved one’s recovery.

Can I bring my phone or laptop? +

Yes, absolutely. We are happy for you to use your Smart Phone, iPad / Tablet or laptop while you’re with us. However, we ask that they’re handed in during the day and that you only use them during certain allotted times.


It is very difficult to ask you not to speak with your friends, family or business colleagues, though it is therapeutically valuable that our clients remain focused on their programme. However, we understand that there are also circumstances that mean you need to speak to loved ones or colleagues during various hours of the day and we will support you with such circumstances by arranging the time for you to schedule important calls, etc.

What can I bring? +

In Phuket, the weather is typically hot by day and warm by night. It rarely goes over 35* during the day and rarely goes under 23* at night. It is also humid and therefore all our indoor spaces, including your bedrooms, all have air conditioning. Most clients prefer to spend time outside, using the pool or sitting in the sun. Typically, our clients wear shorts and loose trousers (pants) and many females wear cotton dresses. Short sleeved shirts and t-shirts are popular too. Comfortable footwear, especially shoes that slip on and off, or tongs / flip flops etc. Dress for comfort not fashion or style.


There is no need to dress formal or smart. Everything is relaxed, comfort focussed and easy going.


The PARC will collect your laundry 3 times a week and return it to you two days later, so you don’t need to worry too much about over or under packing. Enough underwear for one week is more than enough. Daily Exercise and other holistic activities such as Yoga take a prominent place in our treatment program, and we encourage attendance, so do pack enough gym clothes and sneakers.


We also have a swimming pool and there’ll be plenty of chances to hit the beaches and go swimming / snorkelling / sunbathing, should you want to. You do not need to bring any towels, but please bring swimming costumes and Tongs / Flip Flops / sandals etc. Also, we suggest you bring sunscreen.


We will also have Odysseys (excursions) once a week that could be a physical activity, such as playing with elephants or trekking through jungle, so do pack clothes you don’t mind getting dirty and comfortable light shoes for outdoor activities or time spent exploring. Please note, we’re not doing anything too technically advanced, so there’s no need for the best walking shoes ever. Trainers or tennis shoes that can be washed are great. Sandals are also popular.


Feel free to bring your everyday jewellery pieces with you. You should feel comfortable with what you’re in, and for many people, this includes their jewellery. However, it is recommended that any precious and valuable pieces remain at home. Whilst we do have a safe to keep things in, they’re unnecessary.


Toiletries: Please bring your own toiletries and hygiene products, such as toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, shaving materials, basic make up, hairbrush, etc. We do have a spread of toiletries available and we can purchase anything you’re missing from shops such as Boots. Hairdryers are available in the rooms. Please note, we ask you to NOT bring any products that contain alcohol, such as certain mouth wash, perfume and colognes, etc. and also aerosols. All products found to contain alcohol will be held in our safe and returned to you once you leave.


Medications: You are allowed to continue using your doctor-prescribed medications while in rehab, but please do bring proof of your prescription. Please keep all your pills in the original packaging in order to avoid risking them being mistaken and confirmed as legally your own medications, rather than narcotics.


Downtime amusement: Whilst much of your days are spent in scheduled programme and agenda, there will be plenty of down time. We have super fast wifi throughout the resort and we encourage you to bring your own iPads, mobile devices and laptops, which can be used in the evenings and handed in after breakfast. The Residents’ bedrooms have a large Smart TV with Netflix / You Tube connected already, though you’ll be able to log in and use your own accounts should you wish to. The PARC has its own small library of books, but it’s suggested that you bring something to read. Reading has been shown to help reduce stress, manage anxiety and overcome with depression.

What can’t I bring? +

When packing for the Phuket Addiction Recovery Clinic, here is a list of the things you should leave behind.


  • Alcohol or drugs: It might seem self-explanatory, but some clients may try to sneak in a last-minute hit, fix, pill, can, bottle, etc. However, your belongings will be searched before entering rehab.
  • Alcohol or drug paraphernalia: This includes anything that advertises or glorifies using alcohol or drugs.
  • Weapons: There is absolutely no need to bring any knives or weapons with you to Thailand or to The PARC. It’s a very safe place and weapons won’t be tolerated. They will be confiscated and destroyed.
  • Toiletries that contain alcohol: Leave any alcohol-based products at home, such as certain mouthwashes, nail polish remover, perfumes and aerosols.
  • Food and drinks: It is requested that you don’t bring any food or snacks or drinks to The PARC. We provide everything you need and if you feel you want extra snacks then these can be arranged for you, if they’re not considered as a conflict to your recovery (please note, many clients may present with addiction to food or have challenges around anorexia or bulimia, and we may be assisting them to recover too. Therefore, all food and snacks into The PARC will be strictly controlled.
  • Large sums of cash, including expensive jewellery: The PARC is an all-inclusive experience and although some spending money may be necessary when we go on trips (for souvenirs, etc), in this day and age, cash simply isn’t necessary. Bring your debit / credit cards and withdraw cash as and when you need it from the ATM. Also, expensive or sentimental jewellery pieces are unnecessary during the The PARC experience, and they’re much safer left at home or with friends.

Can I bring my pet? +

We are sorry, but this is not an option we offer, unless it’s a Service Dog or a Support Dog.

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