We understand that choosing the most appropriate treatment facility for your clients is something that you will take very seriously, and we understand that your recommendations are something that needs to be carefully considered and chosen wisely. After all, it’s you who has the relationship with them and probably their family, so you’ll need to be able to trust us that we can deliver what we say we can deliver and that your reputation is enhanced from your interaction with us and never negatively impacted.
The PARC would like to reassure you that we take this matter very seriously as indeed we take our treatment delivery and responsibilities to the patient and their families equally seriously.
We also recognise that your client might have already tried other treatment centres and may not have had a positive experience, so we appreciate the great faith they may be putting in us to have a positive impact on their life whilst they feel let down from a previous experience.
We will liaise with you to assure your client that we’re the right choice for them and to keep you involved as part of the process throughout the client’s residency with us at The PARC.

We will work together during your client’s residency with us.
Our clinical team will give you regular updates and will be in discussion with you regarding any post Primary Care / Inpatient care as it pertains to their continuum of Care and to keep you as involved as you prefer to be.
We appreciate that sometimes our referrers want to turn their client over to us entirely, and sometimes they prefer to remain involved as the lead Practitioner, liaising with the family. We are happy to collaborate with our referrers however it works best for them, or more importantly their clients, and follow their protocols.

To summarise, please know that you can trust us to operate appropriately within all ethical and moral boundaries and that we do sincerely care about everyone of our residents.

To make a referral to the The PARC from a Licensed Professional (e.g Therapist, Psychologist, etc) or Practitioner, please contact us using any of the preferred options below:

+66 626 418 369
+44 7799 143 431

Alternatively, use the contact us box below and we’ll get back to you very soon:

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