Holistic Treatments and Wellness Activities

We believe that Recovery needs to be health centric and as well as good fun. By mixing holistic treatments with wellness and other activities we’ve come to a perfect place to ensure our residents have a wonderful time experiencing healthy activities and developing new and existing hobbies and pastimes.

We provide Thai Massages known for their reputation of helping the body recover from the pressures of the modern world.
Supplement this with Exercise, Yoga and Stretching, you begin to see just how relevant physical recuperation is linked to the recovery process.

Personal Training and physical fitness classes are an important cog in the Recovery process. We put a great emphasis on this. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or gain shape, improve strength or endurance, we will support you in your goals, without judgement, with only love and encouragement.

Complementing any physical health regime will always require a balance of a healthy and nutritious diet. At The PARC we take this very seriously and aim to refuel your body with life nourishing foods to counter balance the poisons and toxins you’ve very likely been consuming for a while now.
If you’ve any dietary requirements, please inform us prior to arrival and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of.