The PARC prides itself on improving the quality and standards of Treatment Services available for individuals seeking a solution to their addiction and dependancy problems, in some of the most gorgeous surroundings the world has to offer (in our opinion).

Addictive illness, like depressive disease, and other associated behavioural health conditions, has the ability to completely overwhelm the individual, despite being diagnosable and treatable. Sadly, these conditions, or rather, the consequences of these conditions, both acute and chronic, usually erode the individual’s ability to live a sincere, honest and normal life. However, perhaps even more debilitating, is the manner with which one person’s addiction has the ability to truly disrupt the lives of their surrounding family, friends and work colleagues.

The first step towards overcoming any problem is admitting that you have one. The second step is to understand that there is a solution and that the solution, having already been successful for many many other people, will also be successful for you. Once you’ve acknowledged this, then choosing and seeking the right kind of help, particularly from people with knowledge and experience in treating addiction can be the tricky part. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. We know this because we, ourselves, have all personally recovered already.

The PARC is a 12 Step (non-Religious) residential treatment centre for people struggling with addictions.

We use the 12 Step Program of Recovery because it has already been proven to work.

Our minimum stay is 28 days, though most of our Residents extend for 2 months. Some people commit to our full 12 week program, which we believe is the optimal amount of time to spend in rehab, if you have the luxury of spending that much time and money on yourself. 

We’ve kept the costs down to a minimum, without compromising on our great standards of care and comfort, in our efforts to serve as many families as possible. We hope that we’re able to work with you and your budget. Please speak to us to discuss your situation and we’ll do our best to accommodate your specific requirements.

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The Phuket Addiction Recovery Clinic has been built from the ground up by people in personal long term Recovery themselves – the Founders, The Senior Staff, The Therapists, The Recovery Coaches, even The Personal Trainer. We all have our own stories of triumph which we share with our residents throughout their own journey. That is why we have such belief in our program – because we’ve already proved it works. We’ve already proved that lasting Recovery is possible, and indeed probable if our clients follow the directions and suggestions based upon our own successful recovery journeys, that we teach at The PARC. Obviously, it’s not that straight forwards, but essentially it is simple. The hardest part is whether you believe this can or will work for you or your loved one. Once you’ve arrived here at the Phuket Addiction Recovery Clinic you’ll instantly develop these principles of personal recovery and realise for yourself just how recovery is attainable and attainable for you too.

At The PARC, we’ve created a holistic program that’s designed to bring the best out of our residents by combining the 12 Step recovery process with physical, emotional and spiritual development. The 12 Step program has already been proven to work, having been highly successful since the 1930s and known to be both effective and personally flexible to suit our resident’s personal morals, beliefs, values and ambitions. We are proud to deliver the 12 Step Program alongside other interesting and exciting techniques giving our residents the very best opportunity to truly recover once and for all.

Our team of addiction recovery practitioners come from around the world, notably, North America, UK and Western Europe, and though we’re principally an English speaking facility, we do have Staff that speak Dutch and French fluently too.